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Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. (ACD/Labs) is an informatics company that develops and commercializes solutions in support of R&D. We provide integrated knowledge management and a unified platform for chemical structure confirmation, verification, and elucidation using a variety of spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques; and chromatographic method development/optimization. Our solutions also enable scientists to extract and apply knowledge from predicted ADME-Tox and physicochemical property data. Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. (ACD/Labs) is an informatics company that develops and commercializes solutions in support of R&D. We provide integrated knowledge management and a unified platform for chemical structure confirmation, verification, and elucidation using a variety of spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques; and chromatographic method development/optimization. Our solutions also enable scientists to extract and apply knowledge from predicted ADME-Tox and physicochemical property data.

Advion, Inc. was founded in 1993 based on the novel techniques developed within the Cornell University laboratory of Dr. Jack Henion, a leading researcher in the field of Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS). Pioneers within the industry, Advion offers a variety of fit-for-purpose systems and consumables for life science research. With sales and support offices in North America and Europe and a large network of distributors, Advion is a global company with customers in all of the top pharmaceutical companies, government life science research agencies and universities. Advion continues to expand its diverse portfolio of innovative microfluidic sand mass spec – based products for the life science industry.

Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc. Since 1967 we have served the lipid community with the highest purity manufacturing, specialty products and lipid analysis. Avanti’s eight Divisions are concentrated in one central USA location: Research Products-Highest Purity Lipid Reagents; cGMP Manufacturing- API & Contract Manufacturing; Adjuvants-Immunotherapy & Vaccine Development; Analytical Services-Lipid Analysis Lipidomics-MS Standards, Antibodies & Lipid Toolbox; Formulations-Liposomes & Nanoparticles; Equipment- Liposome Production Tools; Custom Services-Synthesis & Beyond. Avanti’s clients include Pharmaceutical Industries, Nutraceutical Industries and Lipid Researchers. How may we serve you?

Biotage offers a broad range of quality Sample Preparation Products that include automated and manual SPE workstations, evaporators, 96-well plates and columns which consistently deliver cleaner extracts using simple methodology. The ISOLUTE and EVOLUTE plates and cartridges for protein precipitation, supported liquid extraction (SLE) and SPE have become popular for many GC-MS and LC-MS analyses. The TurboVap and SPE-DRY evaporators for cartridges and plates are industry standards. The new Extrahera sample preparation system is an economical option for both 96-well plates and cartridges, utilizing positive pressure, simplified programming and ideal for method development or routine methods.

Bioinformatics Solutions Inc (BSI) is well-known by their complete proteomic analysis software package, PEAKS. PEAKS provides a simple workflow for the identification and quantification of proteins in very complex biological samples with LC-MS. PEAKS includes key features such as de novo sequencing; PEAKS DB; PEAKS PTM; the homology search tool, SPIDER; and PEAKS Q. Through collaborative work, BSI has also been able to further their software by developing new technologies such as the PEAKS AB service, to allow quick and cost effective characterization of mAbs. PEAKS is used by users worldwide, and in numerous labs. Come stop by our booth to find out more.

Hamamatsu Corporation is the North American subsidiary of Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. (Japan), a leading manufacturer of devices for the generation and measurement of infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light. These devices include photomultiplier tubes, photodiodes, image sensors, mini-spectrometers, and light sources. Hamamatsu Photonics is dedicated to the advancement of photonics through extensive research. This corporate philosophy results in state-of-the-art products which are used throughout the world in scientific, industrial, and commercial applications.

IONBENCH - Manufacturer of laboratory furniture for mass spectrometry (LC/GC/MS) & Elevating UHPLC benches. Mass Spec IonBench products integrate MS peripherals, a built-in vacuum pump noise reduction enclosure and protect turbomolecular pumps by reducing vibration by 99%. There is up to 30% savings in laboratory space allocation. Solidly built lockable casters simplify moving the system. Our integrated vacuum pump enclosure reduces noise emissions by 80% down in perception. LC Elevating IonBench, on caster wheels, can be easily lifted up or down by commuting a switch, for a convenient & safe access to the top of your UHPLC

IonSense, Inc. provides open-air ionization products for use with mass spectrometry products from all major vendors. The company offers it automated Total Product Mass Spectrometry technology to the enhance quality control and production efforts in fields of food safety, forensics, drug development, and chemical analysis. IonSense manufactures (DART®) technology and distributes the atmospheric solids analysis probe (ASAPTM) licensed from M&M Mass Spec Consulting. The company endeavors to work with potential DART and ASAP users to provide customized interfaces for use with their existing LC/MS instruments. We invite you to inquire about the potential for using DART or ASAP to investigate your applications.

IsoSciences, LLC is a leader in the custom synthesis of stable isotope labeled chemicals including vitamins, steroids, drug substances and metabolites. IsoSciences is ISO9001 certified and has an extensive catalog of stable isotope labeled standards available for immediate delivery both as solids and as CertiMass™ exact concentrations solutions. IsoSciences has added over 200 new products over the past year including an extensive range of 13C3 labeled steroids, Vitamin D metabolites, 13C7-Vitamin B12, 13C6-Vitamin K2 MK4,MK7 and MK9. Visit us at for more information.

JEOL introduced its first mass spectrometer in 1963 and is a world leader in mass spectrometry, NMR, ESR, and electron microscopy. JEOL MS products include quadrupole, time-of-flight and magnetic sector mass analyzers. JEOL TOF mass spectrometers include the AccuTOF GCx, a versatile high-resolution TOF system offering a variety of ionization methods (EI, CI+/-, FI/FD) that are compatible with GCxGC. The SpiralTOF high-performance MALDI-TOF/TOF system utilizes unique multi-turn ion optics to compress a 17-meter flight path into a compact space. The AccuTOF-DART 4G system is the third generation of the world’s first commercial ambient ionization system introduced in 2005.

Industries around the world continue to trust LECO to deliver technologically advanced products and solutions for analytical science. Today's technologies for separation science resolve complex samples and pioneer high-sample throughput using GCxGC, GCxGC-TOFMS, and GC-TOFMS. High Resolution TOFMS systems offer an unprecedented combination of speed, resolution, mass accuracy, and dynamic range. A unique combination of easy-to-use software and advanced instrumentation provide an innovative solution for today's most demanding applications, including food, flavor/fragrance, petroleum, environmental, and metabolomics. For more information, visit

Markes International, an industry leader in technology for trace organic analysis, manufactures instrumentation and software that enhances the analytical capability and productivity of gas chromatography. As well as having a long-established reputation for thermal desorption equipment, Markes manufactures BenchTOF™ mass spectrometers (and associated TOF-DS™ software) for single-run GC and GC×GC analysis of target compounds and screening of unknowns. Markes’ technological innovation for mass spectrometry also includes ground-breaking Tandem Ionisation® technology, which uses a Select-eV® ion source to generate reference-quality 70 eV EI mass spectra at the same time as repeatable ‘soft-ionisation’ spectra with an enhanced molecular ion.

MassTech Inc., located in, Columbia, Maryland USA, is a privately owned analytical instrumentation and technology company incorporated in 2001 for developing AP MALDI, field deployable ion trap mass spectrometer, and conducting on-going research and development. MassTech is the only licensed manufacturer of AP-MALDI ion sources. MassTech's AP MALDI ion source product has been adapted to commercial mass spectrometers from major equipment manufacturers: Agilent, Bruker Daltonics, JEOL, Sciex, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Waters. MassTech’s MT Explorer 50 ion trap mass spectrometer offers desktop performance in a transportable package, has customizable software, and has potential for a variety of applications.

At mSPEC Group we believe that products and relationships should be built to last, that knowledge should be shared and innovation should benefit everyone. Under the umbrella of mSPEC group of companies we have been supporting the mass spectrometry industry since 1996, offering a wide range of ISO certified comprehensive maintenance, application and production support programs designed to meet your needs, however unique they may be. Specialized in: Method development, validation & application support; Full service coverage, preventative maintenance & repairs; Staff proficiency training and production support; Turn-key LCMS laboratory instruments, accessories and consumables.

The NIST Mass Spectrometry Data Center (MSDC) is a part of Biomolecular Measurement Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology located near Washington, DC. The MSDC is responsible for the development of evaluated reference mass spectral databases for the identification and analysis of chemical compounds by mass spectrometry: It includes the NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Library (for GC-MS), the NIST Tandem Mass Spectral Library (for LC-MS), the NIST Peptide Mass Spectral Libraries, and the NIST GC Retention Index library. More information can be found at

Parker Balston Gas Generators for analytical instruments eliminate the expense and danger associated with high pressure compressed gas cylinders. The inconvenience of changing cylinders and supply interruptions will no longer be a concern. A Parker Balston Gas Generator offers price stability and eliminates long-term commitments, contract negotiations and tank rental fees. A continuous supply of consistent purity is available 24/7 without the need for operator attention. Parker Balston offers Gas Generators for a variety of analytical applications including LCMS, GC, FTIR, and NMR. Parker offers global distribution and support.

With nearly two decades in pioneering reliable gas generator technology, Peak Scientific develops market-leading nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air systems mainly for the fields of LC-MS and GC. An on-site gas generator from Peak Scientific is the practical and cost-effective alternative to pressurized cylinders. Our forte is in providing our customers with unrivalled peace of mind and hassle free gas generation solutions for their specific laboratory demands, backed up by our world-class technical support and ongoing service care throughout the generator’s lifespan. With a rapid response and offices on every continent we deliver a local service on a global scale.

Pfeiffer Vacuum is one of the world’s leading providers of vacuum solutions. Our portfolio comprises a full range of hybrid and magnetically levitated turbopumps, backing pumps, measurement and analysis devices, components and vacuum chambers. Pfeiffer Vacuum enjoys a reputation for offering innovative, efficient and reliable vacuum solutions. Our products are constantly being optimized through close collaboration with customers from a wide variety of industries and through ongoing development work.

PHOTONIS is the market leader for mass spectrometer detectors and ion transport solutions. We offer an extensive array of Channeltrons® with Extended Dynamic Range, Custom Microchannel Plates with electro-optic housings, and a wide range of Time of Flight Detectors which reduce time jitter. We also provide patented Resistive Glass technology in capillary tubes, inlet tubes, ion guides, drift tubes, collision cells and monolithic reflectron lenses. Let PHOTONIS design your next instrument detector or ion transport product for reliable results and extended lifetime because better detectors produce better results.

The leader in quantitative ultra-fast high-throughput analysis solution for mass spectrometry presents the LDTD-96 and LDTD-384 ion sources. These platforms represent a unique shotgun approach that introduces the sample into the mass spectrometer using an ultra-fast Laser Diode Thermal Desorption (LDTD®). The LDTD Ion Source technology is the unique solution to increase your sample analysis throughput for your application needs.

Prosolia, Inc. is a privately-held company engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative life science tools that expand the use of mass spectrometers for translational research and molecular analysis. The company’s technologies enable a wide variety of basic research, translational science and chemical analysis applications and deliver lower operating costs and faster results by eliminating the need for timeconsuming, costly and error-prone sample preparation steps. The DESI 2D™ and flowprobe™ directly profile hundreds of molecules simultaneously from cells and tissue sections, among other surfaces, while the Velox 360™ PaperSpray® System enables quantitative results on molecules in microliters of biological fluids using a single-use, disposable cartridge.

Rapid Novor Inc is dedicated to developing unparalleled analytical technologies to drastically change the processes in early stage drug research and development in the bio-pharmaceutical sector. Specializing in the field of mass spectrometry-based proteomics, the Novor team is up for the challenges to solve tough problems such as characterizing antibody proteins. We build bioinformatics software and services that deliver accurate, comprehensive and efficient results and enable the integration for pharmaceutical companies to bring the capabilities in-house.

Science Alert ( is a leading ePublishing platform in Asia, committed to provide the services to independent scholarly publishers, societies, associations, and university presses to facilitate the digital dissemination of more than 175 journals. Science Alert also offers a complete manuscript submission, tracking, peer review, and publishing system for journal editors (

Scientific Instrument Services is a leading worldwide supplier of supplies and services for Mass spectrometers, Gas Chromatographs, Liquid Chromatographs, Vacuum Systems and other scientific equipment. SIS specializes in the manufacture of filaments and components for mass spectrometers and related instruments. Contract Machining. SIS manufactures components for scientific and medical instruments. Our machine shop includes state-of-the-art CNC equipment for the machining of parts from stainless steel, aluminum, brass as well as plastic polymers to the high quality standards of precision and cleanliness required by the scientific and medical community. ISO9001:2008 & 13485:2003 Certified.

Shimadzu is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of mass spectrometers, including LCMS, GCMS and MALDI-TOF MS. Ideal for applications in a variety of industries, including foods, pharmaceuticals, toxicology, clinical and environmental, our platforms offer an incomparable fusion of speed and sensitivity to achieve new levels of data quality and throughput. We offer complete analysis platforms, with integrated, enabling software and reliable reagents/consumables. Visit us at IMSC 2016 (or online at to discover why more and more labs are choosing Shimadzu as their most trusted partner for all of their analytical needs.

SpectralWorks Limited is a leading UK based software development company. We provide innovative solutions targeted for markets within the life sciences industry including metabolomics. Coupled with our collaborations in academia and industry, this provides the perfect balance between scientific and software development expertise to provide the best solutions for the end user. As well as providing software consultancy and development services our off the shelf products, such as AnalyzerPro® and RemoteAnalyzer®, provide workflow oriented solutions for mass spectrometry data acquisition and processing. Coupled with our PCA tools we can provide an integrated workflow for your metabolomics projects.

VRS are the leading Recruitment Consultancy specialising in jobs within Analytical Chemistry, predominantly Mass Spectrometry & Chromatography (HPLC, GC, LC-MS, GC-MS, ICP-MS). With office locations in the US and Europe we provide unparalleled expertise to jobseekers and employers globally. To jobseekers VRS provide an exciting and diverse range of job opportunities within Analytical Chemistry, both laboratory-based and customer facing (Sales, Engineering, Marketing) roles. We can also provide you with in depth industry knowledge and advice. To employers we identify high calibre professionals at all levels of seniority across a wide spectrum of disciplines, meeting both temporary and permanent staffing needs.

ZefSci provides maintenance, service contracts, repair and compliance on state of the art Mass Spectrometers, Liquid Chromatographs, Gas Chromatographs (HPLC/UPLC, GC, LC-MS-MS, GC-MS), and other hyphenated analytical techniques used in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Chemical, Environmental and Food Industries – or anywhere analytical instruments are used. ZefSci started with the vision that a complex LC-MS-MS environment requires a highly technical team with multi-disciplinary knowledge and a strong dedication to customers and their applications. This vision and our strong business ethic have led us to be recognized as a premier independent Engineering and Scientific firm specializing in state of the art chromatography and mass spectrometry.

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